Shaykh Khalid Yasin was born in New York City USA as a Christian, where he spent most of his childhood. The Shaykh embraced Islam with the late Shaykh Daud Ahmed Faisal of the Islamic Mission of America located in Brooklyn, New York in 1965.

The Shaykh has studied the sources of the Sunnah, the Islamic creed, jurisprudence, reading and recitation of the Qur’an, Islamic history, and the Arabic language, with several teachers and mentors.

Two of his main teachers are The late Hafidh and Qari, Maqbul Ilahi, of the Punjab, and Shaykh Khalid Al-Halwaany of Makkah, al-Mukarramah, who is a student of several leading Islamic scholars in the world today.

The Shaykh has dedicated the last thirty-five years removing distortions and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. He has delivered lectures in more than eighty-nine countries worldwide, resulting in over 75,000 persons embracing Islam directly from his hands, or after listening to his over one hundred and fifty recorded lectures.

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Purpose & Empowerment Tour (Maryland)

With Ms. Aqilah Mujahid (Senior Technologist), Sh. Okasha Kameny (Al Hirz Institute), Dr. Syed Masrur (Egypt), Ms. Nadia Yousouf (Canada), Shahryar Ahmad (Research Scientist NASA, USA)

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Shaykh Khalid Yasin Tour the United States of America

September 11

New York City

Shaykh Khalid Yasin and his team of business men and IT professionals will be in New York City on the 11th of September for another Purpose and Empowerment Event.

September 25


From New York the team moves to the State of Pennsylvania with a concept that is unique to that environment. General Sessions, Executive Sessions and a whole package.

October 9

Washington D.C.

Our Events will reach the Nation’s capital city on the 9th of October. A fitting place to again present to the American public, the book; Islam, America and the World. As well as another dose of our Purpose and Empowerment program.

October 23


With one of the highest Muslim population in the US, the State of Virginia will come just after Washington D.C. Shaykh Yasin and his team will be preventing another installment of the Purpose and Empowerment Program.

November 6


The State with the largest population of Muslims in the United States of America will be the final destination for the year 2021 as per our Purpose and Empowerment Tour.